Lomachenko Reveals How He Wants To ‘Squash’ Rigondeaux

Vasyl Lomachenko reveals how he doesn’t see Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux as too much of a threat and explains how he’s looking to squash him.

The clock is well and truly ticking now until one of the most anticipated (purist) boxing matches between two technical fighters of the modern era.

Outside of Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward, Vasyl Lomacehnko and Guillermo Rigondeaux could be amongst the most skillful boxers of recent times from a purely technical standpoint.

Two professors of their craft. The verbals have already started ahead of the fight, too.

In an interview with Boxing.ua YouTube, translated from Russian to English Lomachenko said:

“Personally for me this fight will not bring any benefit, and I will explain you why. The person gets two categories (weight classes) higher, he is a category below me, he is shorter and smaller than I am. And no matter how I will lead this fight I will not win anything out of it. I will not win anything in the eyes of the critics.”

He added:

“And in the eyes of the haters and of all those who will tell after the fight will say: ‘Well, who cares if he won two categories (weight divisions) below.’ In the case that the fight goes smooth they will say: ‘Oh you see, the person shorter than you gave you a good fight.'”

The champion continued:

“There are two boxers in the ring. He may do anything he wants in the ring. But I will keep doing my job in the ring and I will try to win colorfully and brightly. I will be boxing my own style. I will be trying and working hard to simply squash him outside the ropes.”

The long awaited showdown between the two apex boxing predators will take place on December 9th at the legendary Madison Square Garden arena in New York.

Guillermo Rigondeaux’s professional boxing record stands at 17-0-11KO while Lomachenko’s reads 9-1-7KO coming into the contest.

For the full interview with Lomachenko, check it out here via Boxing.ua YouTube (hat tip):

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