Boxer May Have Discovered New Stair Lift Shopping Centre Training Method


One boxer has gotten creative with how he trains as a bit of a joke, but also, a rather impressive feat completed after his fight.

For those that know of Irish boxer and middleweight contender Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan you’ll know that he’s a character who brings plenty of colour to the sport.

Never afraid to get on camera and try new things, he’s built up quiet the following in the boxing sphere on Twitter.

He’s also backed his talking up in the ring, too.

This past weekend he won a cracking fight live on ESPN in Boston that has positioned him in line for a significant opportunity next up at either 154lbs or 160lbs.

Opportunity will be plenty one suspects, following such an impressive display on such a big platform. O’Sullivan today said he intends to stay ready whatever happens next.

And stay ready he did, even in the aftermath of his fight – with this rather unique climb up a stair lift in a shopping mall after his bout.

Running up it in the opposite direction:

(Hat tip Assassin Promotions Twitter):

Here’s another angle of the hilariously brilliant idea from O’Sullivan’s own Twitter profile:

Full marks for creativity, effort and general all round comedic effect. Who says boxing doesn’t have characters anymore?