George Foreman Calls Out Steven Seagal For A Street Fight

No you didn’t read that wrong. No, you’re not cracking up. Former heavyweight champion George Foreman calls out Steven Seagal for a fight!

In the age of social media call outs, fantasy fights between Mayweather and McGregor becoming a reality, mad press conference riots, Rio Ferdinand becoming a boxer and more, it’s hard for boxing to surprise one after a while.

Well, in 2017, anything seems possible.

Retired boxing legend and former heavyweight champion of the world has officially challenged actor and martial arts expert Steven Seagal to a showdown.

Here’s what he’s outlined to Seagal:

Essentially, big George looks to be calling him out for a street fight with him being able to use boxing – Seagal whatever he likes in an unarmed combat showdown of some sort.

Big George wants to take it to the streets.

Both men are in advanced years now in terms of being removed from their physical fighting primes but my word, how nutty is this?

Foreman, who is now a successful entrepreneur, speaker and many other things since retiring from boxing, also added a few more things in terms of what he’s looking for in this:

As well as this classic reply:

Whether this comes to fruition remains to be seen. Never say never in this crazy business.

George Foreman is 68 years old. Steven Seagal is 65.

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