Tyson Fury On Why He Believes He Is Greatest Modern Day Heavyweight

Former heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury on why he thinks he’s the best heavyweight boxer of the modern era.

Come this November it will have been two years since Fury has boxed as an active fighter in the ring. Two years since he ripped the titles away from long standing champion Wladimir Klitschko on German soil.

A feat perhaps not credited for it’s accomplishment often enough.

Since then outside the ring troubles, depression, weight gain, substance abuse and an inability to get his license back have plagued him at different points in the two years that have followed.

tyson fury confirms return

As things stand though, Fury has still never been beaten in the ring. His professional boxing record stands a 25-0-18KO.

Speaking on social media Fury outlined why he believe’s he is the best of the modern era heavyweights:

“Ent nobody done it like I did it, Greatest modern day heavyweight. Done it with ease & did it my way.”

Recently Fury was seen in the media in the run-up and aftermath of his cousin Hughie Fury’s unsuccessful challenge for the WBO heavyweight championship of the world.

A belt Tyson owned before himself.

Tyson has also been seen weighing in perhaps at his heaviest ever in recent photographs. As many have said in the past year, boxing needs Fury back in it as a character in the heavyweight division.

Look back at the history of any professional sport and you will see that popular times in all sports have been because of the characters that were involved.

A Tyson Fury back in the heavyweight division would make boxing even more exciting than it already has been in 2017.

One suspects Fury wants a piece of that pie, too.

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