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Home » Shannon Briggs Goes, Well, Shannon Briggs On Tyson Fury

Shannon Briggs Goes, Well, Shannon Briggs On Tyson Fury

Shannon Briggs goes on the attack in only a style that the former heavyweight champion can with colorful verbal abuse against Tyson Fury.

The man known as ‘Lets Go Champ’ otherwise known as Shannon Briggs, appears to be back to his old sense of humour.

A social media titan that has sublime editing skills. Perhaps he’s the modern day trash talker personified in a sport as nutty as professional boxing.

Since suffering a brutal beating to Vitali Klitschko back in 2010, Briggs has turned his life around and in the ring has rattled off 9 straight wins since then.

The American heavyweight has run into some obstacles this year however and is currently awaiting news on when he’ll be able to fight again.

He wants it to be Tyson Fury though when he does, clearly. He’s already starting to build the fight with comments today making fun of Fury’s increased weight:

“Give back Champs & Champettes!!! Let’s get the @gypsyking101 back on his fat feet ( literally) and let him know we support his idea of coming back to boxing”

He went on to say in another post:

“He crying he said Champ leave me alone would ya?!?! Give a guy a break Champ. I said you’re the one that said you wanted to fight again Fluff Daddy I’m just trying to motivate you baby boy. Then I whispered the word cHaAaAmMmPpP in a low but high pitch voice.”

Make of that what you will but if Tyson Fury’s own social media history is anything to go by, he won’t be taking these call outs lying down.

Expect a retort in the not too distant future.

(Image source and credit: cannon_briggs Instagram)