Shannon Briggs Confirms Fight With Tyson Fury Will Take Place In 2018

Shannon Briggs confirms that a fight with him and former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will take place in 2018.

Shannon Briggs has been on a social media tirade today against Tyson Fury and has been leaking various bits of trolling comments and the like.

But now however, he’s actually confirmed on Instagram with the following post that the fight will actually take place in 2018:

“It’s confirmed!!!! This is a fight that the people would love to see …… but Fluff the Gypsy Queen outta shape. Hopefully after my insults he’ll either or get off the piss pot. In between time I’ll be fighting staying busy fighting once a month #ireland #Scotland and #London knocking on pies meeting great people around the world until he gets “it” back. “It” being his drive, motivation, and desire it takes to have a boxing career. When you hit the bottom you gotta say #LETSGOCHAMP and say I’m the Champ over & over and start moving. Workout, put on some beats and just go.#LETSGOCHAMP If Fluffy doesn’t fight again ( he said he wanted to last week ) I wish him the best. He did his thing in the boxing game. He became undefeated and undisputed heavyweight champion. Clowning Wald. Sheeeh. Truth is this boxing life is hard Champ and if you don’t come back I understand. I have no choice but to come after y’all. It’s all I know #BrownsvilleBrookyn raised me to run up and set it. Anybody can get it Champ. Anybody. It’s a nightmare that never ends. Boxing can bring the worst people into your life and take you to some dark places. I’ve been in it for thirty years. It’s beat on my mind body and soul but yet I refuse to give up. This is all I ever done. Fight. I have my own demons that have to be kept in check so I don’t knock him for his personal problems. I support him. I stand with him. #LETSGOCHAMP #sidenote ….. but Champ if you ever get right & you decide to fight again you gotta see da Chizzamp or you can’t come back. Ever. No more. Ever. You called me old  when I’m ancient. Get it right!!! If he do comeback he getting that #ChizzyChibbyChop that’s that right hand cHaAaMmMpPp I’m stupid Champ straight crazy but I know I’m a good guy because I seen evil people do evil Champ. I told you you they left me for dead Champ. I’m still here. Look at em!!! Anyway boys & girls I’ll be fighting staying busy until the @gypsyking101 can go on a weight loss program. Fat sucka”

Make of that what you will. It seems rather odd and although he says he’s confirmed it at the beginning above, it doesn’t look official as of yet.

The above did come from the official Shannon Briggs Instagram account, however. Whether or not this fight happens remains to be seen:

(Image source and credit: cannon_briggs Instagram)