Golovkin Coach and Promoter Baffled By Canelo Scorecard

Golovkin Coach and Promoter

Golovkin Coach and Promoter Abel Sanchez and Tom Loeffler left scratching their heads here after one GGG-Canelo scorecard.

The 118-110 score in favor of Canelo Alvarez by judge Adelaide Byrd is driving boxing fans crazy today following a blunder on the night that subsequently impacted the outcome of the fight overall, which was ruled a draw.

The result did see the defending champion Golovkin retain his titles however, with a rematch very likely for both men next up.

Promoter of Gennady Golovkin, Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions, said after the fight:

“I think the first score that we saw was a little bit rough, I don’t know how that one came up. From my understanding the HBO scores had it pretty clear for ‘GGG’.”

He added:

“Gennady doesn’t feel like it was a draw. He still feels like the champion that he is. He didn’t think that it was that close.”

Following these comments, Gennady Golovkin head trainer Abel Sanchez was not so politically correct in his response after the fight, however:

“I thought that one of the judges had her card filled out before she came to the fight. That’s unfortunate that in Vegas the judges seem to go to different schools on how to learn to score a fight.”

He added:

“I just think that she needs to be reviewed. She (judge Adelaide Byrd) can’t be that bad or she can’t be that blind I should say, that she could do that to so many fights.”

He continued:

“I had some issues with her when they gave us the list of judges. I said that she was so up and down with fights. She would have one good one then three or four bad ones. I think she needs to be reviewed. I think she needs to go back to school and learn how to judge a fight.”

Given the controversial nature of the fight I’d be absolutely shocked if we didn’t see a part two in what was in all fairness, also a great fight to watch.

The rematch will be huge given the controversial scoring of one judge in the fight. Expect it on the horizon soon.

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