NSAC Commissioner Addresses Adelaide Byrd GGG-Canelo Scorecard

Judge Adelaide Byrd is at the world centre of sporting controversy this weekend after her judging of Golovkin vs Canelo.

Adelaide Byrd has a lot of experience in judging pro boxing cards over the years but her boss and the head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Bob Bennett, has admitted she had a bad night.

Following a fight that entertained from start to finish in an excellent show for the fans, boxing once again was left talking instead about something other than a great fight.

Judge Adelaide Byrd scored the contest in favor of Canelo Alvarez by a wide margin of 8 rounds – 118:110 – her card read.

Following the fight in the post-fight press conference Commissioner Bob Bennett who is the Executive Director of the NSAC who oversaw the fight, was pushed on this topic and replied with the following:

“Adelaide Byrd has over 115 championship fights or elimination bouts. Unfortunately tonight she didn’t do well and was off her mark.”

When prompted that this was not the first instance, Bob Bennett replied:

“Well, I beg to differ with you. If you go ahead and look at her last 3 years for every fight that she’s had that she’s very close to scoring every fight correctly. I have looked at her record over the last 3 years. I’ve got the records from fight facts. So, if you’ve looked at them – you tell me I’m wrong.”

He concluded:

“I will go over the fight with Adelaide round by round – she’ll have to articulate to me what she saw, how she saw and why she scored each round the way she did and then we’ll move forward. There’s not one person sitting in this audience that in whatever their profession is have not had a bad night. She was off here mark tonight. So we will take appropriate action.”