Saunders: What Nationality Of Prostitute Am I Going To Celebrate Afterwards

Billy Joe Saunders has been engaging in some hardcore mind games with Willie Monroe Jr ahead of their world title fight.

The WBO middleweight champion has never been a man to mince his words. Always keen to give his point in an unfiltered manner no matter how it may be perceived.

This weekend he’s in a competitive bout with American Willie Monroe Jr who like Saunders, possess an excellent skill set from the southpaw stance.

But that’s perhaps where the similarities stop.

As two characters and personalities, the two come across as very different. Saunders the more outspoken and brash. Monroe Jr the more reserved and humble.Billy Joe Saunders Reacts

Ahead of the fight speaking on a BT Sport Documentary, Saunders said:

“What nationality of prostitute am I going to celebrate afterwards (after beating Monroe)? And I said American. Willie Monroe Jr’s mum.”

Monroe Jr has been relatively quiet in his retorts and his opinion of Saunders, saying:

“For him to see all of these things, it just shows more weakness on his behalf.”

He comes across as a man who really wants to face the best possible Billy Joe Saunders on Saturday night and like Saunders, is hell bent on grasping the opportunity at his disposal at a crack at the winner of Golovkin vs Canelo on the line.

For the full pre-fight BT Sport YouTube segment (hat tip) you can watch it here:


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