Mayweather: Me and McGregor Have Not Spoke Since Fight

Floyd Mayweather says him and McGregor have not talked since their fight and speaks on what the difference was between the two on the night.

While the two may not be on each other’s Christmas cards list this year, the overwhelming amount of cash they earned each other surely will stem some of the bad feelings that existed before their fight towards one another.

Floyd Mayweather has been doing the media rounds for the first time since the fight this week and has been touching on all things McGregor and his life moving forward from boxing.

Speaking on TV to Steve Harvey, Mayweather said:

“No, we (McGregor) have not spoke since the fight. We had a beef and we settled our beef. I feel like I was the better man. Like I told him experience will play a major key. I said on paper everything leads towards Conor McGregor. He was 28, I’m 40 ears old. Being in the sport 21 years I just feel like the wisdom I have, the IQ is totally different, especially at the pinnacle.”

Mayweather was reported to earn a whopping $350 million from the fight last month while McGregor was reported to have walked away with nearly $130 million.

The official pay per view buys in the US are still not known but it was confirmed that the event set a record for pay per view buys in the UK.

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