Golovkin Involved In Incident With A Bear In California

Golovkin involved

Gennady Golovkin involved in an incident with a brown bear it has been revealed ahead of his showdown with Canelo Alvarez.

A rather astonishing story has surfaced just days before one of the biggest boxing matches in years where one of the bout’s combatants came face to face with a potentially life threatening situation.

Gareth Davies of The Telegraph has reported that Golovkin’s coach Abel Sanchez said during one of Golovkin’s training camp runs in Big Bear, California that a brown bear came crashing out of the woods one day in front of Sanchez’ vehicle but according to Davies’ report – Golovkin ‘showed no fear’.

True to form. The bear by all accounts was okay, too.

On a serious note Golovkin’s presence in the ring is known for being a cool customer who never loses his cool, never gives away any emotion and never shows fear.

Many feel he’s beaten a lot of opponents with this fierce reputation alone before they ever step in the ring with him.

This mental edge was also used to good effect during the career of heavyweight champion Mike Tyson but once Tyson was stopped by Buster Douglas, the mystique disappeared.

Time will tell if Canelo can end the mystique around Golovkin. No one has ever stopped him, or come close to hurting him.

Canelo has a rock solid chin too, to be fair. Saturday night therefore could make for some gruesome viewing as long as it lasts.