Carl Frampton Sums Up Roman Gonzalez Career Perfectly

Two-weight world champion Carl Frampton sums up the career of Roman Gonzalez perfectly in a succinct tribute.

Whether Roman Gonzalez chooses to box on following a knockout defeat last weekend is unknown at this time.

He’s said he is not thinking about boxing at all at the moment and just wants to rest up for the next while. He’s earned it, in fairness.

There’s perhaps been fewer exciting fighters in the lighter weight classes of the modern era than the man they call ‘Chocolatito.”

Carl Frampton had this to say on him:

Well said Mr. Frampton.

It’s not often you see fighters like Gonzalez come along who do things the hard way for the majority of their career, only get some bit of publicity near the end of the career, but never give up and win world titles through different weight classes with a wanting to always take on the best regardless.

Indeed the plaudits from other boxers have been flooding in over the last 48 hours. Compliments like the ones above from fellow fighters perhaps says it all about the man.