Mayweather Lists His Fighters Of The Modern Era To Watch

Mayweather lists

Floyd Mayweather lists some of the best fighters of the current era to watch in boxing now that he’s retired from the sport.

By all accounts Mayweather is completely done as an active fighter following his recent bout with Conor McGregor – but never say never in a sport as nutty as boxing.

The post Mayweather and Pacquiao era is well underway with new talent emerging all around the world. Pretty much on every continent.

Boxing has developed in recent times into one of the most global, international sports out there. Speaking in a TV interview today Mayweather lists some of the best fighters, in his opinion, to watch out for:

“Man there’s a lot of great fighters. There’s so many young tough hungry lions out there. It’s up for the taking, it’s up for grabs. He’s a hell of a fighter. Errol Spence is a hell of a fighter. We’ve got Gervonta Davis. There’a lot of guys out there. Rigondeaux, a Cuban fighter named Rigondeaux.”

Nice to see the mention of Cuban boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux there on such a large platform. A man who’s found it difficult to find big fights come his way in recent years.

It is understood that he is lining up a fight with Vasyl Lomachenko at the moment by the end of the year.

No doubt these words from Mayweather on national TV will go some way to helping his cause in landing the fight: