Watch: Canelo and Golovkin Arrival In Vegas Ahead Of Fight Night

Check out the grand Golovkin arrival as he makes his way into the T-Mobile Arena on fight week ahead of his fight with Canelo Alvarez.

Fight week has officially kicked off with the grand arrivals this week in Las Vegas as both combatants greet fans in Las Vegas.

It’s one of those fights that comes along very rarely in the sport of boxing where the general public’s imagination is captured by the compelling nature of a fight.

It’s competitive and tough to call.

I’ve spoken to a lot of journalists in recent days who are leaning towards Golovkin heavily the closer the fight gets, but I’m not quite convinced yet.

To completely write off Canelo seems irrational to me.

I can’t see it being anything other than a two horse race and can’t help but think Golovkin knows that himself, and Canelo too, for that matter.

Strategy will be key come the opening bell where setting a strong pace could prove to be detrimental down the stretch for the man who doesn’t have the better fitness.

That’s if the fight goes the full distance of course.

If it gets into the second half of the bout stamina is going to be crucial and this Friday’s weigh-ins should be interesting to see what both men weigh in at.