Canelo On Golovkin Power and How He Intends To Deal With It

Mexican boxing star Canelo on Golovkin punching power and how he intends on negating the infamous Gennady Golovkin knockout power.

One of the key questions coming into this Saturday’s mega fight in Vegas surrounds how Canelo, the boxer who has not naturally campaigned at middleweight for most of his career like his opponent has, will deal with the brick-like fists of Gennady Golovkin.

So far throughout his career everyone that ‘GGG’ has landed clean on has either been knocked out or if not stopped inside the distance, at least very badly hurt or shook up by his power at some point.

Canelo may have the slightly better boxing skills of the two, but it’s debatable.

Golovkin has shown outstanding skill perhaps more early in his career with a tendency to bulldoze some of his recent opponents.

Speaking to Steve Lillis of BoxNation, Canelo addressed how he intends to deal with this maniacal type power:

“It’s one of those things – he’s got power yeah – but if you’re there to take the power. If you’re there to take it and receive the punches. But he’s never fought with a guy that’s going to stand in front of him and be able to get away from the big punches and counter punch him. I think that’s what’s going to be the difference. But if you’re standing right in front of him to receive the punches – of course he’s a big puncher. But he’s going to fight with someone different this time.”

Interesting stuff there.

It almost seems like Canelo is going to try to use a little bit of Floyd Mayweather’s tactics of standing directly in front of an opponent and countering while in the pocket.

Very few other than Mayweather can get away with that, though.

A dangerous strategy against someone of Golovkin’s inside fighting ability and ferocious power surely.

If this is the case and he does look to engage ‘GGG’ at close quarters in a calculated chess match, expect one hell of a fight to break out at some point in the bout given the closeness in proximity the two will be in.

For the full segment with Canelo check it out here on BoxNation YouTube (hat tip):