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What Anthony Joshua Learned From Floyd Mayweather

Anthony Joshua learned something new it turns out from his first trip to Las Vegas where he spent quite a bit of time with Floyd Mayweather.

The heavyweight champion is gearing up for Kubrat Pulev next month but before that fight was announced, it was thought he’d be taking on Klitschko in a rematch in Vegas.

Alas, that fell through after Klitschko’s retirement – but Joshua spent a fair bit of time in Vegas this summer during his down time.

Speaking to Fight Hype on what he learned from Floyd Mayweather during his time there, Joshua said:

“I learned have fun with what you’re doing. He has fun with what he’s doing. Boxing is tough. It’s an unforgiving sport. You know where I’m coming from? He does it with a smile on his face. I think that’s the main thing because if it’s a chore you want do it for long. It’s hard. You won’t do it for long. You wont last. He’s done it for so many years at the top of his game so I realised just embrace it and have fun with it and that’s what I took from Mayweather.”

The old adage as they say, do what you love and the rest will take care of itself.

The minute something as difficult as professional boxing becomes a real job and a chore, that’s the day to pack it in some suggest.

Joshua seems like a character who takes things in his stride and doesn’t worry about the small stuff in life. No doubt the above advise and learning from Mayweather will stand to him over the course of his career.

For the full interview above check it out here on Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip):

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