Michael Buffer, the legendary ring announcer known for ‘Lets get ready to rumble’makes mistakes like everyone else it turns out.

When you think boxing many think of Michael Buffer for his catchphrase associated with big time boxing and announcing the major fights in the sport.

Ever the professional, it’s not often you see him get it wrong.

But get it wrong this past weekend he did – live on HBO.

Following this weekend’s bout between Juan Francisco Estrada and Carlos Cuadras, a super-flyweight bout won by unanimous decision by Estrada – Buffer announced it the other way.

Here’s the Michael Buffer faux pas moment:

(Hat tip Lee Kingsnatch YouTube)

Everyone mistakes, right?

Ever the pro, Michael Buffer corrected things straight away.

Probably helped somewhat by the chorus of boos that could be heard in the background by those in attendance at the Stubhub Center in Carson, California.

Buffer has been calling fights for decades in the sport of boxing going all the way back to 1982 – where he has become the main man for announcing pretty much any boxing world title fight of note.

His main rival over the years has been Jimmy Lennon Jr, an announcer who has traditionally been known for announcing TV network Showtime’s fights.

Michael Buffer also has a brother called Bruce Buffer in the announcing game – the chief announcer for UFC in the sport of mixed martial arts no less.

Good announcing voices clearly run in the genes.


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