How Roman Gonzalez Girlfriend Reacted To Knockout Loss

Roman Gonzalez girlfriend captured on camera the moment her partner was brutally knocked out which left the boxing world stunned.

Boxing is perhaps as unforgiving a sport as any out there.

Not just for the brave participants who have a special level of fortitude for whom mere mortals like ourselves can only imagine for stepping in there and putting it all on the line in the first place, but also for their associated loved ones who live every punch and moment of agony and triumph with them.

The months and months of sacrifices that professional boxers can find themselves putting in is truly something unique.

Travelling away for months on end from their loved one in training camps for the chance at progressing their careers and making a better live for themselves and their loved ones is commonplace.

To have it then all play out on national TV in front of their loved ones eyes in a manner as bone chilling as this, must be torture.

Here is the moment the HBO cameras captured Roman Gonzalez’ girlfriend react straight after her partner was sent crashing to the canvas on Saturday night.

(hat tip Tom_Cody via

Indeed, the boxing world is still in shock following the knockout.

Roman Gonzalez is considered by many to be one of the very, very best prizefighters of the modern professional boxing era.

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