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Why Billy Joe Saunders Is Favoring Golovkin Over Canelo

Joe Saunders

WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders has a keen eye on Golovkin vs Canelo on September 16th with a possible fight against the winner.

Saunders will be boxing himself on the same night in fact – against Willie Monroe Jr in the UK.

Monroe Jr, a former Golovkin stoppage victim, is being priced by the bookmakers at the moment as on paper at least – to be a tough challenge for Saunders.

But the Englishman knows that if he gets through it that a mega fight that he so craves could be just around the corner with a potential crack at the winner of Golovkin vs Canelo.

Speaking to Steve Lillis of BoxNation, Saunders gave his call on how he sees the fight going:

“Golovkin looks well rested. He’s had a good rest period. Canelo on the other hand – he looks a little fatigued to me, he looks a little bit sluggish in his bag work, his shadow boxing and I’ve seen a little bit of footage of his sparring. He just looks a little bit dipped to me.”

He added:

“Also he had a big rivalry going on with that fellow Mexican Chavez. Now that (fight) mentally took a look out of him, not physically as much probably, but mentally he had that going on for years and that took a lot off of him mentally. But he got through it and won the fight well but it took something from him mentally and he got straight back into camp for another big mental fight (Golovkin). I think he’s gone straight back into camp a week or two after that (fight against Chavez) and I just think he’s overcooking it.”

Saunders will compete live on BoxNation on September 16th with the Golovkin vs Canelo fight also being available for subscribers of the channel – as well as pay per view purchasers in the UK and Ireland.

Golovkin vs Canelo will be HBO pay per view in the US.

For the full interview with Saunders above check it out here on BoxNation YouTube (hat tip):