Malignaggi Blasts Team McGregor as Bull**** Artists

Malignaggi Blasts

Paulie Malignaggi blasts Conor McGregor’s team as nothing more than bull**** artists now that all is said and done.

Two weeks have nearly passed since the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor boxing event.

Going into the fight, the main story line surrounded sparring sessions between former world champion and McGregor.

Malignaggi would ultimately go on to leave the camp after pictures of the spar to his dislike were leaked on the internet from according to him, McGregor’s team.

But the New Yorker did make an interesting point on the footage before the fight.

Throughout the build up there were small edited clips released, usually showing McGregor in as positive a light as possible.

No full rounds or indeed the full footage itself was ever released though.

Malignaggi before the fight mentioned he thought they’d never release the full footage and so far has been proven right.

The American has not forgotten about this, saying today:

“I said from the start, those bullshit artists were never gonna release anything but those edited highlights, that’s all they had lol.”

The bitterness is clearly still there after a back and forth between the two that nearly boiled over on fight week when they came face to face before the fight:

(Hat tip Fight Hub YouTube)