Conlan on Conor McGregor and Why He’d Retire If He Was Him

Michael Conlan on Conor McGregor’s massive payday against Floyd Mayweather and what more does he have left to accomplish as an athlete.

It seems everywhere you go these days the name Conor McGregor is everywhere, worldwide.

The 29 year old Dublin native achieved unrivalled success in terms of time frame.

What other professional fighter can you think of that went from being on social welfare to four years later breaking pay per view records in a sport that he was only making his pro debut in (boxing)?

It’s a bit mad, when you stop and really think about it.

Fellow Irishman and good friend Michael Conlan says that he’d hang up the gloves if he were McGregor. Speaking to Villainfy Media – Conlan said:

“For me, if I was Conor I would retire. What’s the point of fighting on? You’ve just made a record pay check, $100 million. Why would you even bother to fight on? He’s going to make more than $100 million – he’s going to make probably $130 million. Why would you even fight again? He said at the start of his career when he started making money that he’s going to make money and get out early. He’s got the money. I would get out early.”

There’s perhaps no harder way to earn a living than being a professional fighter. Constant risk, uncertainty and lack of security.

Those that reach the heights of McGregor at such a young age are far and few between. Whether he opts to ever return to boxing again remains to be seen.

From Michael Conlan’s perspective, he fights again later this month on September 22nd against Kenny Guzman in Tucson in what will be his 4th professional fight to date.

For the full interview above check it out here on Villainfy YouTube: (hat tip)