We spoke to the NSAC today who clarified the Mayweather vs McGregor gate, exact number of ticket sales and comp tickets issued for the event.

There is no denying that the Mayweather vs McGregor event was a huge commercial success all round and, to be fair, the fight was a lot better than many expected it to be.

However beforehand in this interview on camera promoter of the event and Floyd Mayweather’s right hand man, CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe can be clearly seen saying well out from fight night that they had already (by that point) over $60 million worth of tickets at the box office:

We wanted to get the exact revenue number for ourselves today and the exact number of tickets sold vs those given away to guests as comps.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission confirmed to Boxing News and Views today that the following are the official numbers for the event:

Revenue at the gate: $55,414,865.79 (US dollars)
Number of tickets sold: 13,094
Comp tickets allocated: 137

Still quite the performance above to be fair. 

The current record for gate revenue in the sport of boxing is $73 million for Mayweather vs Pacquiao back in 2015.

It is thought that the main reason the gate record for Mayweather vs McGregor did not surpass that was simply due to the ticket pricing as they were priced quite high.

The official pay per view numbers are still being waited on following reports that they should have broken the 4.6 million buys record (in the US) set back in 2015 for Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather has confirmed that he is now retired from boxing as an active fighter following the event. His record is 50-0 (27KO).

It is not known if McGregor will return to boxing again but it is understood that he will fight in UFC again before the end of 2017.

All in all, despite the controversy surrounding the bout being sanctioned in the first place and the choice of weight of gloves (8 ounces), Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather both walked away healthy and wealthy from the fight without injury.


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