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Home » Genius Video Shows How Fan Blagged Way Into Mayweather McGregor

Genius Video Shows How Fan Blagged Way Into Mayweather McGregor

One evil genius managed to blag his way to a $100,000 seat ticket into Mayweather McGregor and more in a truly sublime bit of craftsmanship.

The press area of the biggest money fight of the year wasn’t just attended to by official media it turns out.

One dare devil fan somehow managed to con his way into the media area and pretty much all the VIP areas of the event on the night

The term ‘balls of steel’ comes to mind when you see how he did it. Some people really don’t give a damn – it clearly shows.

This Englishman shows how he got into Mayweather McGregor from start to finish while under the disguise of pretending to be a member of Fox News, under a fake name – filming absolutely everything:

(Hat tip Simon Wilson YouTube)

How he kept a straight face to the various members of security and the unflappable confidence shown is truly incredible.

No credentials with him and simply stating he forgot them. Quiet remarkable how the arena crew couldn’t keep him out.

Testimony to the incredible nerve of the human spirit at times. His uncanny ability to follow through on everything day after day is something rarely seen.

Whether or not he’ll be invited back to the T-Mobile Arena for anything ever again would be doubtful.

A masterfully, patient, brilliant individual.