Mayweather Senior Reveals Where He Got The Shoulder Roll For His Son

Floyd Mayweather senior opens up on the now famous ‘Mayweather shoulder roll’ technique he taught his son – now that Mayweather Jr is retired.

Before we get into this for a moment, I think it’s important to point out that the Mayweather shoulder roll is a variation of a much older move called the ‘Philly Shell’.

We spoke to a trainer in Las Vegas in the past called Luis Monda from Johnny Tocco’s gym, who pointed out to us that:

“People like the Mayweathers (and before them James Toney) have used these styles and distilled them in today’s times in a more upright position, popularly known as the Mayweather shoulder roll – but they did not invent it.”

The Mayweather adaptation of the move has proved to be one of the most successful in history from a defensive standpoint mind you.

Floyd Mayweather will go down arguably as the best defensive boxer of all time for the lack of punishment he absorbed in his pro boxing career.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Mayweather senior spoke on where he got the technique from originally:

“Who taught me the shoulder roll is my coach Dale Williams. He was from Detroit. He taught me the shoulder roll. I got the shoulder roll down real, real good. Then I ended up introducing the shoulder roll to little Floyd. Little Floyd got real good with it.”

He added:

Everything was natural with him man. I don’t know how it was or how it was done. Floyd could do anything I could show him.”

Mayweather has insisted that his bout with Conor McGregor will have been his last and that he is now retired with a professional boxing record of 50-0 (27KO).

Mayweather now operates a number of businesses and investment portfolios, as well as having a boxing promotional company called Mayweather Promotions.

After the McGregor fight Mayweather also mentioned he would like to get more into training fighters. For the full interview above check it out here on Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip):


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