McGregor Blasts Mayweather Fight As ‘The Rules Of A Circus’

mcgregor blasts mayweather

Conor McGregor blasts Mayweather fight as ‘the rules of a circus’ and makes a rather unique comparison to how he felt before the fight.

Today marks exactly one week from fight day of what will be known forever as the biggest pay per view event in combat sports.

Initial figures of 6.5 million pay per view buys from the event obliterate anything that’s gone before.

An almost insane amount of money generated. Although official confirmation on the 6.5 million buys in the US is still being awaited.

Floyd Mayweather labelled the fight during the week as a ‘heist’. Well, if him and McGregor were bank robbers – they certainly got away with quite the loot.

McGregor this morning has dismissed the fight as one where he ‘obeyed the rules of the circus’ but one in which he got ‘filthy rich’ on social media:

“The captured Orangutan who obeyed the rules of a Circus and got filthy rich from it.”

Followed by this picture:

A captured Orangutan is a rather interesting way of putting how he felt.

He surely knew the level of difficulty he was getting himself into when he signed the contract to make his pro boxing debut against the best boxer of this era?

A lot has been made about the relatively short build-up that the fight had.

Indeed, McGregor earlier this week hinted that he wasn’t given enough time in the preparation for the bout with a different social media post – making light of the fact he only had a couple of months to prepare.

The same would have been said for Mayweather of course. Whether boxing or MMA will see one of these cross events again remains to be seen.

The above one certainly generated a significant pile of cash. Likely because of the personalities involved in the fight more than intrigue of a boxer vs a UFC fighter.

(Top image source and credit: @thenotoriousmma Instagram)