6 Boxing Scribes Give Their Golovkin vs Canelo Predictions

With just two weeks to go we’ve gathered six Golovkin vs Canelo predictions from different writers ahead of one of the best fights in years.

The Marmite (love it hate it) fight has come and gone leaving a ‘mass’ of happy and disgruntled fans in equal measure in its wake across the global combat sports sphere.

Thankfully, the unpredictable Marmite is now off the boxing menu and it’s business as usual with t-bone steaks all round with all the trimmings next up.

Come September 16th – IBF, IBO, WBA and WBC middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin 37-0 (33KO) will defend three of his four titles against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez 49-1-1 (34KO) in Las Vegas.

As usual Boxing News and Views has cast the boxing net far and wide to capture the best fight predictions from a collection of boxing writers.

Chris Mealey, USA.

The fight that all real fans have been waiting for is finally at our doorstep. There’s no doubt both fighters are ready for this bout and although Canelo may have the age advantage here – I’m a firm believer in styles make fights.

Hence – the boxing ability and power from Gennady Golovkin will prove to be too much for Canelo.

The jab is key for this fight for Gennady and Canelo needs to work the body. This is trilogy potential, but I have Gennady winning via KO within the championship rounds.

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Mark Gannon, UK.

It’s a concern to see Golovkin out of shape between the Jacobs fight and Canelo. It’s something we haven’t witnessed before.

It appeared to me that he was rather soft looking in the stomach at his recent public workouts. My outlook on this is he’s enjoying the good life between fights whereas Canelo has looked in total beast mode ripped, energetic and ready to rumble year round.

For that reason alone I’m giving Canelo more of a chance than I had previously. Canelo is a much improved fighter to the young upstart with no amateur pedigree that lost a lopsided decision to the imperious Floyd Mayweather.

I have not however changed my mind that unless father time has significantly diminished the ruthless Golovkin’s power, he simply has the tools size and strength to force Canelo backwards where the red haired Mexican is not the same force.

Body punches, the slip and counter are key for Canelo in this fight. The left hand power jab and constantly pushing forward are key for Golovkin.

Prediction: A terrific contest and a clear victory for Golovkin on points or a late stoppage.

John Gatling, USA.

We’re onto serious matters now. Mayweather vs McGregor was confusing to understand how it would be staged to offer something real. I think I know what’s going on here.

I’m back to Ward vs Kovalev and Spence vs Brook territory here. I had Ward stopping Kovalev in 10 and Spence by KO in 11. It is understanding limitation vs expectation.

Golovkin should shut down Canelo’s expectations by making him understand his power is limited, while his is not.

By the middle rounds he’ll be walking Alvarez down and eventually stop him in 10. GGG is punching like a mule kicks.

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Michael Wicks, UK.

Assuming ‘GGG’ is the pro we think he is and is well prepared, I have him on clear points or late stoppage.

Canelo likes to snatch rests. Golovkin keeps up a relentless pressure. Canelo will have to fight at a pace that is not comfortable for him. Canelo cannot fight on the retreat.

Somehow he has to keep backing Golovkin up. Even if he does, he still has GGG’s jab to negate. Golovkin can throw this almost like a power punch off his back foot.

Golovkin punches harder and unlike Canelo he is used to 160lbs (middleweight) power. Canelo cannot get backed up, but he will be.

Unless ‘GGG’ has aged overnight he wins.

Ronnie Johnson, USA.

Provided that Canelo has the confidence to walk ‘GGG’ down as he did the much bigger Chavez Jr, I think he can win this fight decisively.

‘GGG’ doesn’t look to slip or counter much between flurries when he’s attacked. He usually throws up a high guard and merely looks to absorb the shots until his opponent stops firing, and then waits to respond.

Against a fighter constantly placing him on the back foot or engaging him at centre ring, this can be a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

Much more so with Canelo’s speed advantage at centre ring, youth and even an experience advantage against top opposition, as well as the damage he’s taken in his last two fights with Brook and Jacobs.

Like the great Julio Cesar Chavez senior, ‘GGG’ is most effective at sliding his feet – eventually cornering an opponent and subduing him along the ropes.

At centre ring, I think his slow hands are a lot less threatening, and he’s a bit dependent on having an opponent along the ropes in the first place.

Even there, Canelo is very adept at slipping and firing sharp counters to the head and body, and I believe his uppercut will be a signature weapon whenever ‘GGG’ squares up in the fight.

I have long said that the fighter who beats Golovkin will have to be bold enough to cut the ring off on himself, thereby diffusing Golovkin’s greatest strength.

I think Canelo can do it and by clear unanimous points decision or a possible stoppage.

Triple G vs Canelo

Chris Henderson, USA.

Will the much improved skill set of Canelo Alvarez be enough to withstand the force of Gennady Golovkin is the question fans have wanted to know the answer to for almost two years now.

This fight has the potential to take fans back to the glory days of Hagler vs Hearns. Will it be as great as that 8 minutes of war?

Well, that may be a little too much to ask – but I promise this won’t disappoint.

My take is this.

From the outset Golovkin will attempt to establish his jab and try to work off of it. He will be effective but this will also create some great counter punching opportunities for Canelo, especially the pull counter.

Expect some to land clean, but the bad news for Canelo is that he won’t get the result he’s use to getting when these counters are effective.

This fight will turn into a brawl instead of a skills contest because of one reason and that’s Alvarez’s pride.

By the middle rounds the constant pressure of Golovkin will begin to take it’s toll on Canelo and we will see him take his almost mandated breaks at times on the ropes.

This is a recipe for disaster against the Kazakh destroyer. The total accumulation of the onslaught by Golovkin will be too much for Canelo by round 8-9.

In closing, I believe Canelo’s desire to prove he belongs in the ring with Golovkin, after all the backlash he’s received from fans, will eventually be his undoing.