What Mayweather Told Al Haymon Workers That Proved Prophetic

Mayweather Told Al Haymon

Floyd Mayweather told Al Haymon workers the Watson brothers something when he first met them that turned out to come through.

People in boxing are very familiar with the Watsons but for those who are not, they are the chaps usually in the ring after a big fight seen side by side with Al Haymon managed boxers (including Floyd Mayweather) who are responsible for looking after Haymon’s vast base of clients that includes hundreds of pro fighters.

The Watson twin brothers’ father Sam Watson is said to be Al Haymon’s closest confident and most trusted employee.

He and his sons have been seen at big fights for years and perhaps the most popular photo bombers in all of sports when you consider some of the big fights they’ve popped up at.

al haymon appears
Mayweather and adviser Al Haymon embracing after McGregor fight

They know Floyd Mayweather perhaps as well as anyone professionally and when speaking to ES News recently following the Conor McGregor fight – they recited one of the promises that Mayweather made them early on in his career that he did not break.

Asked what was their favorite Mayweather story since knowing him they replied:

“He asked us who our favorite fighters were. He said (pointing at his brother) Mike Tyson at the time, this was years ago, and I said Roy Jones Jr at the time. He sat there and looked real serious how he does and he says, well, that’s good but they have something that I’m never going to have. I said, what’s that Floyd? Losses, he replied. This was damn near twenty years ago.”

Floyd Mayweather has insisted that the Conor McGregor bout was his last in a professional boxing ring and that he will retire with a professional boxing record of 50-0 (27KO).

If this does prove to be the case which most expect it will be, Mayweather will have boxed professionally for over 21 years in a career that started back in 1996 as a pro.

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