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Paulie Malignaggi Claims Floyd Mayweather Is Greatest Of All Time

Malignaggi Claims Floyd Mayweather

Former world champion Malignaggi claims Floyd Mayweather is the best ever amid ripping into online Twitter users.

Pound for pound best boxer debates are difficult at the best of times even from a modern day standpoint, but when you’re talking about of all time – then things get really dicey.

Most within the sport of boxing tend to lean towards Sugar Ray Robinson as being the recognised best boxer to date to ever lace up a pair of gloves.

The great Muhammad Ali often is mentioned for the number one spot too.

However the amount of legendary fighters that have graced the sport of boxing over the many, many decades makes it very difficult to come up with a top spot, or even some sort of a top five list for many.

Paulie Malignaggi who recently sparred Conor McGregor ahead of his contest with Floyd Mayweather, claims for him however, Mayweather is the best ever:

Paulie might have a number of people willing to debate him on that one. What do you think? Where would you place Floyd’s career in the all time best ever pound for pound list?

Paulie of course is a man never afraid to give his opinion. His willingness to engage with fans in debate online often results in comebacks such as:

Ah, classic Paulie.

When thinking about all time best ever boxers so many names spring to mind – for so many different reasons.

The likes of Sugar Ray Leonard and Joe Louis in their primes were considerable forces to be reckoned with too. Roberto Duran at one time was almost subhuman, as well.

Who do you reckon is the best ever? Feel free to chime in on social media with your thoughts.

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