Floyd Mayweather With McGregor Robbery Message Indicative Of His Boxing Legacy

Controversial Footage Claims To Show Mayweather Security Hitting Fan

Floyd Mayweather with McGregor post for the first time after the fight admitting to what it was, a smash and grab jab at the bank.

Upon looking up the definition of the word ‘heist’ you will be met with two explanations:

“A robbery” or “To steal”.

When Floyd Mayweather walked to the ring last weekend against Conor McGregor he came to the ring in a get up that not many really understood the meaning of.

But, for those who know and understand the shrewd business mind of Floyd Mayweather, they knew exactly what it meant.

Dressed as a bank robber, that’s what the fight transpired for him in the end – a huge money pay day the likes of which might never be seen in combat sports again following early reports the event did 6.5 million pay per view buys in the US alone.

Floyd Mayweather posted this message on Instagram:

“I’m going in the Guinness Book of World Records for that heist.” 

Quite the heist. Indeed you will, Floyd:


Stephen A.Smith of ESPN hate him or love him, summed things up well about Floyd Mayweather after all was said and done in the McGregor fight.

His legacy might not be that of a Sugar Ray Robinson or Sugar Ray Leonard in the ring in terms of the fight style he had or exciting toe to toe battles he had.

It will be for something else.

Many famed sportsmen from all walks of life attended the Mayweather vs McGregor event last weekend to get a chance to see Mayweather do what he does better than anyone else – sports business.

His legacy without doubt will be that he was able to convince so many people around the world to buy his fights, not necessarily because they liked him as an athlete, but at the same time as they hated him, they parted with their hard earned money to watch him.

That’s hard to do. Floyd Mayweather, the businessman.

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