The Mayweather 50 and 0 could be soon under threat from an unsuspecting smaller weight class world champion. Sooner than many think.

Mayweather hit the round number of 50 wins after defeating Conor McGregor by dismantling his opponent him over ten rounds.

The record breaking win moved him past the great 49-0 of Rocky Marciano.

It was stated in the press that Floyd Mayweather applied to trademark the 50-0 record before the mega fight with McGregor, but the new milestone might be beaten sooner than people would expect.

Not to long ago 4-division world champion Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez was getting close to the awesome record.

In boxing there are many undefeated champions, with WBC minimumweight champion Chayaphon Moonsri leading the way.

But fans will be probably watching the bigger names on the scene to reach the heights of Floyd’s undefeated streak like fighters Deontay Wilder (38-0), Gennady Golovkin (37-0) and Andre Ward (32-0) this is because unlike Moonsri, these fighter are PPV stars fighting 12 round fights and trying to move there way all the way to the top of the pound for pound list.

For those who don’t know, Chayaphon Moonsri (47-0) is a 31 year old boxer from Thailand who currently holds the WBC world minimum weight title.

Moonsri has held the title since 2014. As of May 2017, he is ranked as the world’s best minimumweight by many.

Many will not see Moonsri as a deserved record holder if he matches or surpasses the 50-0 record because of his somewhat padded record and all 47 of his fights have been fought in his homeland of Thailand.

Chayaphon’s first title fight come in his third outing as a pro when he beat Yiming Ma (0-1) for the vacant WBC Youth title, he defended the title eight times.

He then fought Jayson Rotoni in 2009 for the interim WBC International title, winning by unanimous decision and later making two defences of the title.

In 2011 Moonsri won the vacant WBC International Silver and vacant WBC International titles. Chayaphon Moonsri finally became WBC world champion in 2014 beating Oswaldo Novoa who at the time was 14-4-1.

In his ten years as a pro Chayaphon has defeated 30 opponents with winning records and 14 with losing records along with 2 debuting opponents and a 15-15-2 opponent.

(Chayaphon in action – hat tip Filipino Boxing Prospect YouTube)

Next up for Chayaphon Moonsri is southpaw WBC Latino Champion Leroy “El Sensasional” Estrada (16-2, 6 KO’s) of La Chorrera, Panama the fight has been ordered by the WBC governing body.

The fight between Moonsri and Estrada will likely be staged in Thailand. If Moonsri wins it will be his fourth win of 2017, three of which have been title defences.

Chayaphon Moonsri might beat the Mayweather 50-0 record taking away the shine of Floyd’s greatest accomplishment, sooner rather than later.

Mayweather has defeated some of the best boxers in the world in five weight divisions no less to become at one time the number one pound for pound fighter in the world and retire with the 50-0 record.

But Floyd did get his last win by beating a mixed martial arts fighter with a pro boxing record of 0-0. So there is an argument for Moonsri – it doesn’t matter how you get the record – just as long as you get it.

If Chayaphon Moonsri hits the 50-0 record or went on to improve the record and retired undefeated he still wont get massive recognition with boxing fans one suspects, sadly.

In addition, Floyd Mayweather and his promotional team will probably not mention or acknowledge Moonsri if asked by the press.

any fans might never hear of his name but if Chayaphon does achieve the accomplishment he will go into the history books, make no mistake about it.

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