Dana White looks like he may have let slip the early tally for the pay per view buys total for Mayweather vs McGregor this past weekend.

If this turns out to be accurate, my word.

The previous record currently stands at a whopping 4.6 million pay per view buys in the US for Mayweather vs Pacquiao back in 2015.

That fight set all financial records but if this video from Uriah Faber’s Instagram is to be believed, that record is about to get smashed:

(Hat tip Chamatkar Sandhu Twitter)

That is almost insane when you think about it. 6.5 million homes in the US alone buying a fight worth nearly 100 dollars is quite incredible.

This isn’t clear from above just yet if that’s the US figure or including the figures from around the world.

The fight was also pay per view in the UK and Ireland at a much cheaper price, but these markets no doubt would have pulled big numbers too because of McGregor’s fan base.

It is expected that the official announcement should come at some point this week but if 6.5 million buys in the US alone is true according to Faber’s video above, this could be the first billion dollar fight in the history of combat sports.

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