If you’re looking for a bit of comedy in your day this video of what the referee said before Mayweather McGregor should do the trick.

Every now and then an outstanding bit of video editing comes along in the boxing sphere.

In a sport heavily frequented by trolls online, when the real genius bits of comedy and sense of humour come through they can be gold.

Some suggested after the Mayweather vs McGregor fight that it was fixed in Mayweather’s favor. Whatever your opinion is, I suggest you watch this quick clip for comical reasons if nothing else:

Brilliant, just brilliant.

No doubt McGregor is laughing himself – all the way to the bank no less after last weekend’s gargantuan money maker in Las Vegas.

It has been widely reported today via a video making the rounds on social media that Dana White has apparently let slip the event did over 6.5 million pay per views in the US alone.

If that figure is accurate McGregor and Mayweather will make a lot more money than first thought, if that were even possible.

Time will tell if McGregor goes back in the boxing ring.

One suspects that his bosses at the UFC will now start having to pay him a lot more money if they want to keep him there after the weekend’s boxing mega pay day.

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