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mayweather 50 and 0

The Man Who Could Soon Surpass Mayweather 50 and 0 Record

The Mayweather 50 and 0 could be soon under threat…

- 4 years ago
joe murray

The Two Sides Of A Boxing Career – Joe Murray

Joe Murray, the Manchester born boxer is a perfect example…

- 4 years ago
Pro Boxing

The Underrated and Underappreciated In Top Tier Pro Boxing

I'm a massive fan of boxing, from the big PPV…

- 4 years ago

5 Prospect Boxers To Watch In 2017

Josh Taylor 7-0 (7KOs) is a Scottish professional boxer who…

- 4 years ago

One Of The Most Underestimated World Champions in Boxing Today

So far in 2016 he’s fought twice this year. Both…

- 4 years ago

5 Potential Dream Boxing Matches In 2017 To Look Forward To

Here’s five boxing matches in 2017 that fight fans would…

- 4 years ago

Depression In Boxing, More Needs To Be Done

Boxers put there lives on the line every time they…

- 5 years ago