It Didn’t Take McGregor Long To Get Over Mayweather Loss

McGregor Long

It didn’t take Conor McGregor long to get over his defeat to Floyd Mayweather as these epic party scenes clearly show.

Conor McGregor will be waking up a much wealthier man this Monday morning after last weekend’s pay per view event with Floyd Mayweather.

As he said after the fight in the post-fight press conference, this will be the time where the ‘counting process’ will begin and he will have his auditors go in like ‘sharks’ to count every cent of income from sponsorship, pay per view, TV rights, merchandise and more.

Ultimately the fight proved something that most sensible people already knew – that boxing and mixed martial arts are two completely different sports.

Neither combatants from either can simply jump into the other sport at the highest level and expect to come out victorious.

Conor McGregor found this out by getting stopped in the 10th round of his bout with Floyd Mayweather. But that didn’t stop him getting over it straight away mind you:

Fair play to him and best of luck to him on his fortune. Fighting, after all, is one of the hardest ways to earn a living of them all.

Will we see the Irishman back in a professional boxing ring again?

Outside of a Paulie Malignaggi freak show fight, I doubt it.