Watch: UK Cinema Brawl Breaks Out After Mayweather vs McGregor!

One two many during the fight? Bingo. This brawl after the Mayweather vs McGregor fight shows some punters can’t handle their beer.

Cinemas in the UK were also screening the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight it turns out, not just in the States.

Obviously a special license was probably obtained given the crazy hours that the fight was on in the UK with the main event not actually getting underway until after 6am Sunday morning in the UK.

That meant punters staying up all night the Saturday before which obviously gave some opportunity to drink alcohol to access.

The result in one cinema in Bury, UK – was this:

(Hat tip Spike O’Sullivan)

Oh dear. Some right crosses and MMA-style kicks going in there.

It is not quite clear as of yet what caused the melee to take place but it is understood that calm was restored shortly after things boiled over.

The fight was shown on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK where many fans stayed up all night in a bid to watch the main event.

Regular boxing viewers in the UK will be well aware of this weekly plight however, in terms of staying up for fights that take place on different time zones in the US.

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