McGregor Explains Why It Was An Honor To Fight Mayweather

Conor McGregor explains the honor it was to box Mayweather in a more philosophical mood than he was in the run up to the fight.

One thing about Conor McGregor that has to be said is that he seems to be a good loser when it comes to taking a loss and admitting the better man one.

Not everyone in sports, or life for that matter – can do that. It is the sign of a good human being.

When he lost his fight in the UFC with Nate Diaz in recent years his larger than life extroverted persona quickly changed to a more humble, brutally honest one when questioned about the manner of the defeat.

He had a similar reaction to losing to Floyd Mayweather at the weekend, on the whole. Speaking after the fight McGregor said:

“It was an honor to share the ring with him and get up close and personal. I felt I held my own early. I felt it was close. I felt it was 5-4 (in rounds) going into round 10. I would have liked to seen the bell to seen what was what.”

The official scorecards on the night told an entirely different story, mind you. A much more one way story in favor of Floyd Mayweather:

Perhaps it could be argued that some of the earlier rounds between 1-4 could have gone more in favor of McGregor than the above judges’ cards show.

The reality is however it wouldn’t have made a difference.

Floyd Mayweather was never going to lose that fight, nor was he ever in any danger of doing so – at any point.

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