Mayweather Stopped From Betting On Himself Before McGregor Fight

Floyd Mayweather stopped from betting on himself to win prior to his contest with Conor McGregor at the weekend by a casino in Vegas.

The American is reported to have earned north of a cool $300 million for last weekend’s fight with Conor McGregor pending the counting of pay per view buys.

He’s also a man known for his gambling and likes to splash the cash on big bets.

After the fight it turns out that a casino in Las Vegas actually stopped Mayweather from putting $400,000 to win on himself.

Mayweather would not name the casino nor the exact bet, but he did mention in a TV ESPN interview after his fight with McGregor that the casino had reservations about him placing the bet as his promotional company Mayweather Promotions were putting on the fight.

In the end it wasn’t a problem for him however – as he got a friend to place a bet for him instead Mayweather told ESPN on TV after the fight.

However he was only allowed (by the same casino) to place a maximum wager of $87,000 for the Mayweather win inside the distance in an over/under type bet, it is understood.

As per the Nevada State Athletic Commission Rules (the body responsible for regulating boxing in Vegas) there is no rule that says a fighter cannot actually bet on himself to win.

If anything, it just shows the belief a fighter has in his abilities to win a fight – in this writer’s opinion.

Mayweather cleared up the above on TV afterwards in this interview towards the end:

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