Mayweather’s Promoter’s Face Dramatically Changes When McGregor Makes Weight

Mayweather promoter and head of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe’s face changes rather abruptly when McGregor makes weight.

All week Floyd Mayweather spoke of how he didn’t expect Conor McGregor to make the 154lbs weight limit for their fight after he heard the Irishman was apparently struggling.

This proved to be very wide of the mark however when McGregor came in at a ready 153lbs ahead of tonight’s bout in Las Vegas.

Moments after NSAC Commissioner Bob Bennett gave the word that McGregor made weight, you can actually pin point the moment Mayweather’s CEO of his promotional company Leonard Ellerbe’s heart sank:

(Hat tip Strictly Boxing Fans Twitter)

Boxing video editing at its best. The use of the song ‘Hello darkness my old friend’ a hilarious choice in particular.

Will weight have any bearing on tonight’s fight? Not likely.

Floyd Mayweather showed he’s come in for speed at a ready 149.5lbs – despite claims from McGregor that it was the softest he’s ever seen the American.

Mayweather at 41 is not what he once was, sure, but his conditioning has never let him down in the past. If anything – 149.5lbs is probably the perfect weight for him.

If he were to come in at 150lbs or so tonight he could be outweighed by as much as 20lbs by McGregor after re-hydration, which in some ways could be a big advantage if he utilizes his speed and timing which he is expected to do rather easily.