Mayweather vs McGregor How Many Rounds Will It Go?

Mayweather vs McGregor how many rounds? Lets take a look at where the smart money is going ahead of the fight.

Calling a fight round ending is one of the more difficult things to do in the sweet science – perhaps trying to call a group of rounds in which a fight outcome might occur is more sensible on the whole.

For anyone who’s listened to Conor McGregor this week, you’ll know that the Irishman has boldly predicted that the fight will not go past four, and, following the news that the bout will use eight ounce gloves – McGregor has now narrowed this to two rounds.

For McGregor to win in the first round which is probably his best possible chance in the fight, you’d get up to 25/1 odds in some places for him to score a first round knockout.

Round two a little lower at between 20-22/1 – with similar odds for him to close the show in round 3 or 4.

mayweather mcgregor referee

If you went for group betting however, McGregor to win between rounds 1-3 you’d get a slimmer 10/1 approximately.

The sports books are giving McGregor a chance for his prediction to come true on the face of it, but will it really happen?

Not in my opinion. Think about it.

When has Floyd Mayweather ever got caught cold in the past? Hardly ever – bar an early shake up from ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley in the 2nd round of their fight.

The very smart money seems to be on Mayweather to win between rounds 7-9 which you’d get a more realistic price of about 4 or 5/1 on.

You get very similar odds for Mayweather to win between rounds 4-6, too. Almost identical in fact.

The school of thought in a lot of boxing circles is that Floyd will take a look at McGregor early on, weather a possible storm and break the Irishman down with painful lead right hands and body shots.

Ultimately bamboozling him into either a referee stoppage or towel getting thrown in during the mid rounds of the bout.

They say the number seven is a lucky one. Conor McGregor may have the luck of the Irish on his side but for the life of me, I can’t see it going past 7 rounds with only one winner.

Floyd Mayweather.