Ice Cube and Eubank Debate Mayweather vs McGregor

Ice Cube and Eubank senior appear above in perhaps one of the more unusual pairings of public figures on fight week this week.

You couldn’t ask for a more diverse pairing in many ways, which is what makes the above video from Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) so entertaining.

Ironically, it’s an old school boxer in Chris Eubank who’s trying to make a case for Conor McGregor tonight against Floyd Mayweather.

Virtually all of the rest of the boxing world give the Irishman no chance.

In recent days the odds on a McGregor win have drifted back out after a lot of early enthusiasm on him but as the fight edges closer, the reality of it now appears to be dawning on people.

The sheer novelty of the bout is perhaps what intrigues people the most.

No one really knows what McGregor is going to do – whereas most have a fair idea of what kind of Mayweather will show up.

Floyd has promised to bring the fight to McGregor, mind you.

We’ll find out pretty quickly if he does that – as McGregor has promised similarly to move forward from the opening bell.

The fight should get underway at around 9pm local time in Las Vegas tonight.

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