Teddy Atlas and Chael Sonnen Offer Boxing vs MMA View Into Mayweather vs McGregor

teddy atlas and chael sonnen

Commentators Teddy Atlas and Chael Sonnen break down the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor boxing match in Vegas. 

This weekend has brought the sports of boxing and mixed martial arts closer together than ever than before – with the two most famous athletes from both sports colliding on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena.

Pundits from both sports have been giving their take on how the fight will go in recent weeks, with many boxing experts writing McGregor off completely – while MMA insiders obviously trying to make an argument for ‘their guy’ so to speak.

Objectiveness and balance is key however and despite their controversial remarks from time to time, Teddy Atlas and Chael Sonnen know more than a thing or two about boxing and MMA.

In many ways it’s the most controversial pairing of broadcasters you could actually have in either sport – two guys never afraid to give their opinion.

Atlas brings up an interesting point below from a fight style perspective.

Fighters who’ve given Mayweather trouble over the years are ones that tend to get up close and personal, and make it a rough tough fight, as it were.

In many ways McGregor is totally wrong for Mayweather style-wise in this regard. The Irishman utilizes distance to land his strikes in MMA and needs that bit of space to land his clean work.

This usually plays into Mayweather’s hands – if history tells us anything: