McGregor Reacts To Mayweather Weight Missing Claims

Conor McGregor reacts to Mayweather claims that he believes the Irishman is heavy and will miss the weight this Friday ahead of their fight.

McGregor has weight cutting down to a tee as his UFC career shows. Often times he’s boiled down large weight cuts in short spaces of time.

So it’s nothing new to him.

Yesterday however Floyd Mayweather said he doesn’t think McGregor will make weight. McGregor has had a typically bullish reaction as he told reporters at an open media scrum:

“Tell him to shut his ******* mouth. He knows nothing, fool of a thing. Let him keep praying. Praying for fatigue. Praying for me to take a back step. All he’s doing is praying but he’s praying to the new God of boxing.”

He added that his weight was:

“Absolutely phenomenal.”

MMA fighters have larger gaps in between their weight classes in the UFC which often times brings about more dramatic weight cuts for their athletes.

If Mayweather’s claims that McGregor was about ten pounds over (as of yesterday) are to be believed, that isn’t exactly a big cut for McGregor based on what he’s cut before.

McGregor is adamant that the fight will not go past four rounds while Mayweather has also promised that the fight will not go the distance.

For the full media scrum above check it out here on Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip):

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