Kovalev Trolls McGregor Over Past Face To Face Encounter

kovalev trolls mcgregor

Sergey Kovalev trolls McGregor online after a past occasion where the two fighters came face to face in the crowd.

Last St.Patrick’s Day at Madison Square Garden in New York Conor McGregor was supporting his fellow countryman Mick Conlan who made a successful pro debut on the night.

McGregor walked him to the ring that night, but away from the main event there was another incident that took place that captured both the MMA and boxing world’s attention at the time.

McGregor was pictured having a one to one chat (below) with light-heavyweight boxing knockout artist Sergey Kovalev.

McGregor dismissed it as nothing afterwards but Kovalev hasn’t forgotten about it.

With McGregor in the news this week ahead of his fight with Floyd Mayweather on Saturday, Kovalev has brought up the encounter again and said the following to McGregor:

In boxing terms it’s fair to say there would be only one winner of course. In MMA however, that would be an entirely different story.

The above snap does certainly capture the moment well mind you – with McGregor looking a bit startled that ‘Krusher’ confronted him for a chat to say the least.

McGregor has enough on his plate this weekend however with Floyd Mayweather – a massive, massive challenge in itself to be fair.

(Top image source and credit: Sergey Kovalev Twitter)