Snap Shows Scale Of Media Frenzy Surrounding Mayweather McGregor

We all know Mayweather McGregor this weekend is going to be a big event, but from a news and media perspective – it could be the biggest ever.

Anytime a perceived freak show happens or something that the average man on the street is intrigued about – the media is not far behind.

Mayweather McGregor is everywhere. It’s unavoidable.

It’s almost at the point of saturation now with the non stop Malignaggi-McGregor back and forth being it a bit played out at this point.

It’s obvious that there’s a potential future fight in the works there, just drop it (for now at least) lads.

Every single sports website in the world is covering this fight non stop. From a boxing perspective, you’d almost forget the Miguel Cotto is boxing this weekend.

McGregor posted this picture on his Instagram that perhaps captures the insanity and frenzy of the media around Saturday’s event:


The fear that some have is if Saturday’s fight is a snooze fest and goes to a twelve round decision to Mayweather -that this crazy hype will have damaged boxing.

One way or another I don’t see it going this distance though.

Mayweather should be disappointed in himself if he cant stop a guy making his pro debut inside the distance. In all fairness.

(Top image source and credit: Conor McGregor Instagram)