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Malignaggi Confronts McGregor – Altercation Nearly Breaks Out

Malignaggi Confronts McGregor

Paulie Malignaggi confronts McGregor on the day of his grand arrival at the T-Mobile Arena ahead of his fight with Mayweather.

Ex Conor McGregor sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi is now on the media side of the fence this week for Showtime as McGregor gets ready to face Floyd Mayweather on Saturday.

Since quitting the Conor McGregor training camp, Malignaggi has lashed out at McGregor in recent weeks for being cheap and in Malignaggi’s view, McGregor has released edited video clips to make the Irishman look like he did better than he did in the spars with Malignaggi.

It’s become a story line in itself coming into the fight and today Malignaggi got a chance to confront McGregor for the first time since all the controversy began a few weeks back.

The American told McGregor:

“Don’t forget to bring your b***.”

They two clearly went head to head with a lot of tension before being broken up. Their dislike for one another below was clear to see.

Many are already predicting a boxing match between the two after this weekend’s fight between McGregor and Mayweather.

There’s certainly a lot of bad blood there, no doubt about it.

Whether McGregor chooses to box again after this weekend or not remains to be seen however:

(Hat tip MMA Fighting YouTube)