Video: McGregor Arrives At Mayweather Fight Venue To Warm Greeting

Irishman Conor McGregor arrives at the T-Mobile Arena to a very warm welcome, despite Las Vegas being his opponent’s hometown.

Conor McGregor must feel like he’s in a home away from home this week.

Not just because of the support from his loyal travelling Irish fans – but fans on the ground in Las Vegas period.

I’ve been to Vegas myself twice over the last year and about one in every two times I spoke to Americans there, as soon as they heard the Irish accent – they fondly brought up McGregor.

Many of them love him.

As he made his way into the venue where he will make his pro debut in the sport of boxing on Saturday night this came across today:

While the fight is taking place in Floyd Mayweather’s hometown of Las Vegas this week it will be McGregor who enjoys the overwhelmingly greater level of support.

That isn’t the first time that’s happened to Floyd Mayweather, mind you.

A few years back one Ricky Hatton from the UK travelled to Mayweather’s hometown with an army of fans who drowned out Mayweather on fight week.

Ultimately Hatton lost, of course, but if support is anything to go by going into a big fight night – McGregor certainly has an advantage in this regard.

Here’s a reminder of what happened when Hatton brought his army of fans to Mayweather’s hometown a few years back: