Watch: Mayweather Arrives At T-Mobile – Promises McGregor Stoppage

mayweather arrives

Mayweather arrives on his grand arrival as per big fight tradition wearing an unusual outfit – perhaps befitting of the hype of the event.

Tuesday of fight week in Vegas for a fight of this size usually means grand arrivals day, and in keeping with tradition – both Mayweather and McGregor are making their way to the arena where they will ultimately fight this weekend.

The hype of this fight has been on a scale rarely ever seen in boxing, or in any sport for that matter. One that perhaps never will be seen again.

The coming together of both the boxing and mixed martial arts world has created something that simply everyone is talking about.

Here is the first clip from today as Mayweather arrives at the T-Mobile Arena:

Quite the scenes for a boxing match.

Mayweather has been consistent that the fight will not go the distance this week and has straight away addressed the crowd with this belief today since arriving at the T-Mobile Arena:

Despite Mayweather’s confidence and on paper at least, the perceived expectation that he should deal with Conor McGregor quiet handily – bookmakers are starting to ever so slightly think otherwise.

A lot of money continues to come in for McGregor as we speak as his price drops all the time.