Unbelievable Clip Shows Crazy Scenes Following Terence Crawford Win

This wasn’t just any old Terence Crawford win. It wasn’t just the biggest of his career either. It carried a lot of significance.

The celebrations afterwards in the ring showed as much, first off.

It was the first time in twelve years that boxing can say without a shadow of a doubt that it now has an undisputed world champion in a particular weight class.

If this were to start happening on a more regular basis throughout the divisions, it’s quite possible that boxing’s glory days will be back sooner than people think.

Back in the day as everyone knows there was one recognised champion in each weight – that the fans knew for a fact was the champion.

This clip captures the sensational scenes as Crawford did something no man had done in boxing for over a decade:

Quite an incredible scene to be fair.

Not long ago it was thought that British boxing has become the new capital of world boxing – with a big reason for doing so (to some) being the perception that UK fight fans are more passionate than their American counterparts.

Well, the above clip from last night in Lincoln shows more than one or two passionate American boxing fans in attendance, eh?

Crawford may have to vacate the belts sooner than people think however¬†if he chooses to move up in weight to the welterweight division but for now, lets enjoy the moment of a unified champion at least in weight category while it’s here.

What a win. What a performance. What a night for boxing.