This Mayweather Irish Gum Shield May Be Used For McGregor Fight

This Mayweather Irish mouthpiece for his boxing match with Conor McGregor would likely stir up some debate around the world.

Thirty three million people of Irish descent now call the United States home, with just under 5 million living Ireland and many, many more millions of Irish around the globe.

If Floyd Mayweather wanted to stir up some controversy with them and indeed Conor McGregor, a Mayweather Irish gum shield against Ireland’s most famed fighter might do the trick.

It’s not confirmed if he’ll definitely wear it just yet but as ever, it’s a subtle marketing move from the man they call ‘Money’ who’s made a career out of being able to stir up interest in his fights with outside the ring moves, so to speak.

Mayweather had previously draped himself with the Irish flag on the recent international press tour with McGregor:

mayweather irish

The gloves for the fight will be Grants for Mayweather and either Grants or Everlast for McGregor it is understood, with no doubt some Irish coloring in McGregor’s shorts and ring robe also to be expected.

Mayweather’s uncle Roger Mayweather before his fights in his career also famously wore Mexican Sombreros during his ring walks against Mexican fighters, as has his nephew on occasion in the past (notably against Mexican-American Oscar De La Hoya).

Here is the Mayweather Irish mouthpiece on show at a fan expo event in Las Vegas where Mayweather showed it to the media and fans in attendance:

(Hat tip: Fight Hype YouTube)

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