The Mayweather McGregor Challenge Is Taking On Life Of Its Own

mayweather mcgregor challenge

The Mayweather McGregor challenge is sweeping boxing gyms across the world as many famous fighters imitate the Irishman’s bizarre technique.

TheĀ Mayweather McGregor challenge has now become more popular than one would have thought it could.

Essentially, it involves trying to have a go at Conor McGregor’s unique shadow boxing style where he dangles his arms around very loosely.

Some have commented that it is just a way for him to warm his shoulders up. While others have mentioned that he uses it as a part of his unorthodox movement training.

It’s hard to see him doing something like it though in a real fight though, against Floyd Mayweather no less. At least without taking a serious number of punches to the face for his trouble.

Perhaps he’ll prove us all wrong but for now, check out some of the famous fighters that have been taking the Mayweather McGregor challenge in rather hilarious fashion in their gyms:

(David Haye)

(Jarrett Hurd)

(Julius Indongo)